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The Moire pattern comes from French culture and in its narrowest translation means a pattern  formed by overflow of two identical patterns in a particular degree offset. In the previous century, the pattern was used to name a prestigious silk overlay fabric that formed a new wavy pattern when exposed to light. Due to the high price of silk, only the highest strata of society could afford the fabric, especially for making clothes

The overflow of the fabric is achieved by the inhomogeneous structure of the material. Initially, silk was used for that, but today other synthetic materials have also been used to achieve the same effect and make it more accessible to customers. The Moire pattern is an artifact that most often appears today as an error in the printing process, but is also used in art, mathematics and physics. The pattern is obtained by placing transparent foils with a repeating pattern on top of each other, which in turn create a Moire pattern with a slight movement.

Inspiration for the derivative of the Moare.art brand name is drawn from the Moire pattern description because of its multi-layered meaning. Just as it is typical for Moire to form a new pattern when two repeating patterns are covered, the same can be said for our unique products. The purpose of handmade products, which you can choose from in the online store, is to combine different fabrics, patterns, colors and together represent a new unique as a whole.

In the offer of handmade products you will find a wide selection of quality, functional, creative and practical bags, cases and other accessories in all shapes  and sizes, which will be supplemented with unique jewelry and other handmade crafts in the future. The online store thus offers outstanding, stylish, daring and fashionable products that offer customers countless possibilities of usage.

The Moare.art online store differs from others with sophisticated products and thoughtful details such as the right choice of materials, zippers, buttons, buckles and others. A lot of work, effort, passion and heart is invested in each product, because only this way a unique product can be created that will enrich your every day.

The offer is dominated by materials with a component of cotton or a large proportion of it. We avoid synthetic materials because natural materials are much more pleasant to use. Harder decor fabrics, popular timeless jacquard, recycled jeans and others are used to make the products durable. We are inspired by different patterns, colors and techniques of fabric, and these are always handpicked and supplied with extra care for quality and style.


We strive to deliver the best possible customer experience to our buyers. If you have a question, uncertainty or any kind of issue, please feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll respond in the shortest possible time.


Not sure what to buy a friend for a gift? Moare.art unique handcrafts are perfect for that kind of occasion, show them what they really mean to you, by buying them a present nobody else will ever wear similar.


Mobility is everything in a modern day e-commerce business. We ship our products to every single place on earth in the fastest possible time and you are able to track your shipment on every step of its way.


Do you appreciate handicrafts and fashion? We offer hearty and passionately designed and manufactured products at affordable prices, your personal style is all that matters to us behind the drawing board.